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  1. yvonne says:

    Hello, I have been quoted £1700 by a company to move a 3 bed semi contents from CM17 to CB62FB.. a 1 hour drive. This sounds excessive to me in view of the above information you supply especially as they claim to do be ‘affordable’. We have 3 standard size sofas and an armchair, 3 single beds, small double and 1 single wardrobe plus usual things for kitchen but leaving dishwasher behind. Dining table six chairs. 2 Coffee tables. Sideboard. We don’t have lots of clutter no toys or mobility scooter or anything unusual.

    • I think it should be almost half that, if it took 8 hours at £50ph thats only £400. You should get 2 people for £50ph.
      and the distance wouldn’t use much fuel.
      Look for a quote between £650 to £950 i think would be fair.

  2. Nick says:

    Well, a friend needs someone to do all the packing and dismantle furniture and other “things” too and in 1 Bedroom Flat.
    What is your advice about hiring 1 man for all that work? Please and many thanks.

  3. I might be a bit late to the conversation on this one, but I though it might help for a regional perspective. I run Volition Removals in London and we charge £60 per hour for 2 men and a Luton Van. Hourly rate aside there are a number of elements to the job that can affect price, such as the amount of items required to be packed if at all, the distance from property to the van when packing and unpacking and the time of day when transporting the goods. If you live in a flat up 4 flights of stairs and the closest parking is down the street, its going to take longer than the equivalent sized flat in a terrace when the goods roll out the front door into the van. Likewise if your transporting good during rush hour then you know its going to have an impact. I think its important to judge your situation but by and large Nicholas Allpress suggests a reasonable assessment.

  4. Anupam Yadav says:

    Hello Friends ,
    to reduce moving cost compare movers quotes and read customers reviews about their services.

  5. Amit says:

    I am looking to move from flat to 3 bedroom house. I have 2 medium beds, 2 single wardrop, 1 cest of drawers and 1 tv. Distance to travel is 10mmiles. Can anyone suggest how much will cost be,

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